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South Louisiana Community College (SLCC)

  • The maximum number of credits from a junior college or community college applicable toward a degree is 60 semester hours (unless otherwise stated in the agreement).

Official Articulation

The following course content equivalencies are an agreement between South Louisiana Community College and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Check each year for any changes or updates in the agreement. Please note that a course equivalency does not guarantee that the course will satisfy the requirements for a specific major. Please note that some changes could be made before the student transfers. Contact the Transfer Coordinator to verify equivalencies.

2+2 Plans

Two years at SLCC and two years at UL Lafayette. Contact the Transfer Coordinator at

B. I. Moody III College of Business Administration

College of Liberal Arts

College of Sciences

Equivalency by Major

The following are unofficial equivalencies for each major at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette that correlate to courses at South Louisiana Community College. This list correlates to the 2011-2013 Bulletin; however, some changes could be made before you transfer to UL Lafayette.

College of the Arts

College of Education

College of Engineering

College of Liberal Arts

College of Nursing & Allied Health Professions

College of Sciences