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Meet the ASC Staff

Academic Personnel

Dr. Elizabeth Giroir
Executive Director of Student Success
Lee Hall 106 B
Brooke Harrington
Associate Director
Lee Hall 114 B
Lana Rodriguez
Assistant Director
Lee Hall 114G

As a graduate of UL Lafayette from the College of Liberal Arts and Southern University School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, I am honored to have the opportunity to return to my alma mater to work with students.

I am the Transfer Coordinator at UL Lafayette. I assist students who are interested in transferring to the University. I also serve as an Academic Advisor for Undeclared Liberal Arts and Science majors at UL.

I enjoy assisting prospective and currently enrolled students in achieving educational goals that are consistent with their career plans.

Rachel B. Sam
Academic Advisor
Lee Hall 114 G
Jason Delahoussaye
Academic Advisor
Lee Hall 114 G

I graduated from University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Bachelors in Business Administration and Psychology, then completed my Masters in Applied Psychology. Prior to my time working at UL Lafayette, I spent time as an Account Manager, Military Intelligence Analyst, and a MST therapist.  My diverse background in different capacities has provided me with the skills needed to assist first-time freshman with navigating the transition from high school to college.

I advise first-time freshman that are majoring in Biology, in addition to teaching the First-Year Seminars and other various courses on academic skills.  Lastly, I truly believe that every student can create their own success and I hope to be able to help them throughout that process.

Reko Hargrave
Academic Advisor
Lee Hall 110 A

I have advised undergraduate students for over five years and have taught various college courses for three years.  My education in geology and geological engineering along with 10 years of job experiences in environmental consulting provided me with a broad background in science and engineering.

I enjoy sharing my experiences with students and helping them discover their own path. I advise first year students majoring in biology and oversee the day-to-day operations of the Math Lab sponsored by the Department of Mathematics. In addition, I teach the First-Year Seminar and various courses on academic skills.

Adriana Kilday
Academic Advisor
Lee Hall 114 E

I graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Master of Science in Experimental Psychology, focusing on traumatic experiences in relation to altruism and self-esteem. With this background, I was inspired to pursue a career in academic counseling.

I have advised undergraduate students in various disciplines, but I currently serve as the Academic Advisor for first time freshmen in Management and Professional Land and Resource Management. In addition, I teach the First-Year Seminar as well as courses and workshops on academic skills.

My passion is helping others determine their educational path and providing them with the tools necessary for academic success. Through individualized academic counseling, I encourage students to overcome obstacles by being a reliable resource and sharing my experiences.

April C. Jones
Academic Advisor
Lee Hall 114 D

I graduated from University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Bachelors in Psychology in 2012, and immediately attained my masters in Human Services with a concentration in Human Services Administration from Walden University.  I've had the pleasure of first working in the higher education sector in which I was previously employed as a Financial Aid Advisor as well as an Outreach Specialist.  Previously, I've assimilated various employable backgrounds in which I worked as a Substance Abuse/Mental Health Counselor as well as a Volunteer Coordinator, respectively.

Presently, I serve as the Academic Counselor for the Academic Success Center.  In graduating from the UL Lafayette as well as my previous experience working in higher education; I am able to give students individualized academic advising/counseling to assist them in their educational and personal journey.  I also teach UNIV 100 Mastering Your First Year as well as ACSK 100 Fundamentals of College Learning for incoming freshman.

I strongly believe that one finds their purpose in the servitude of others.  In turn, I have made it my professional mission to contribute to the success of others and working with undergraduate students is an undertaking that I find a lot of happiness in.

Kelee Roddy
Academic Advisor
Lee Hall 114 F

I work with first-time freshman that are Admitted by Committee or COMPASS exam at UL Lafayette. I serve as the primary advisor for these students that are majoring in a field of study within the College of Business (except for Management), the Sciences, and Arts. I am also the Re-entry Coordinator for students that are interested in returning to the University.

I graduated from Northwestern State University with a Bachelors in Business Administration and a Masters in Sport Administration. Prior to my time at UL Lafayette, I spent four years working as an Academic Counselor for athletes. While I worked with all athletes in different capacities, my primary focus was working with “at-risk” students.

I am excited to be at UL Lafayette and really enjoy helping first-time freshman navigate the transition from high school to college and I love providing all students with the tools necessary to be successful in the classroom while balancing life’s demands in order to have the best student experience as possible.


Administrative Personnel

Francine Prudhomme
Administrative Coordinator
Lee Hall 115

Pennie Babin
Administrative Assistant
Lee Hall 114

Sapha Richard