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Want to expand your knowledge on a specific academic subject? Do you need help with a paper you are submitting?

The Learning Center offers FREE online writing and tutoring help through NetTutor for students who are enrolled in online and hybrid courses.

NetTutor offers support for nearly every online or hybrid course, with some tutors available 24/7. You can interact with live tutors using features such as an interactive whiteboard for chatting or creating drawings and symbols for courses like Math, or Chemistry problems. If 24/7 support is not available, students have the option to “drop a question,” or view the tutor schedule to see when a live tutor will be available.

The Paper Center within NetTutor offers online writing help where tutors can review any type of writing, including lab reports, technical writing, and business reports. This tool can be especially valuable for graduate students, who will find strong writing skills fundamental to success in earning an advanced degree.

How To Use NetTutor – An Overview

How To Submit A Paper For Review in NetTutor

To access NetTutor, students can log into their Moodle dashboard. Students enrolled in an online class will either be enrolled in Free Online Tutoring for Online Courses for undergraduate students or  Free Writing & Tutoring Support if you are a graduate student.


For questions:
Net Tutor Support:
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern Time: 1-813-674-0660 extension 204


Jami Rush
Associate Director

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