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For students:

Get to know your advisor before you need help!

You will be assigned an advisor who will likely be your primary contact person for academic information and advice. Your advisor knows your academic requirements and is committed to helping you move toward your career goals and keep you on track toward graduation. Your advisor is an important resource for information about graduate school, internships, and career opportunities in your chosen area of study.

Continuing students should meet with an advisor during the advising sessions which occur in March and October. During this time advisors are available to students. After the two-week advising session, advisors are available on a more limited basis, by appointment only, until the last day of classes for the semester. Different departments may have different procedures for scheduling appointments—make sure to check in with your advisor or your department well in advance of the advising period.

Advising during the intersession period is only available for transfer and re-entry students. It is done in the major department or dean's office. If advisors are not available in the major department or dean's office, transfer and re-entry students with 45 hours or less may come to the Academic Success Center, room 115 in Lee Hall, for assistance.

Make sure you get the most out of your advising appointment by preparing to meet your advisor!



The Academic Success Center advises the following groups of students:

  • First-year admission by committee students
  • Students admitted with Accuplacer scores
  • Undeclared majors
  • First-time freshman Biology majors
  • First-time freshman Management majors
  • Pre-dental hygiene majors

If you are advised by an Academic Success Center Academic Advisor, you can schedule an advising appointment by contacting the Academic Success Center located in Lee Hall room 115.