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Will My Credits Transfer?

Only accredited community college and university credits are accepted. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette does not accept credits from vocational, special program, or business schools.

All courses and grades from an accredited college or university will transfer and be used in your total hours attempted, earned and the cumulative GPA. These totals will be used for financial aid status, scholarship requirements and academic status. However, all credits will not necessarily satisfy the requirements for your specific major. Transferable credits for degree requirements will be determined by the dean's office of your major at the beginning of your academic journey at the University.

For an unofficial review of how course credits will count in your degree program at UL Lafayette, you can email a student copy of your transcript to:

Lana Rodriguez

Transfer Equivalency

The Transfer Credit Team facilitates all transfer credit evaluations for prospective and current UL Lafayette students. Transfer credit includes course, AP, CLEP, dual enrollment, and military credit. Transferology and the Transfer Evaluation System (TES) will assist you in reviewing what transfer work the University will accept. Evaluated courses from over 1600 institutions already exist in Transferology and TES. Courses not found in either system have yet to be reviewed. The systems are updated daily with newly evaluated courses.

Transfer Evaluation System (TES) allows you to select your transfer institution and see all courses that have an equivalent at UL Lafayette.

Transferology allows you to enter your transfer course work and immediately see how your courses transfer to UL Lafayette.

Disclaimer: Transferology and TES are designed to identify potential transfer credit and associated UL Lafayette course equivalents from completed course work at other academic institutions. It is in no way an official determination nor a guarantee of transfer credit award. All students wishing to receive transfer credit toward a degree at UL Lafayette must have an official transfer credit evaluation performed by the university. All information contained within this database is subject to change at any time, without prior notification.

Transfer Credit Examples:

Direct Equivalent - If a transfer course is considered as a direct equivalent to a UL course, the course will be given the corresponding UL course number.

        ENGL 1010 Rhetoric and Composition = ENGL101 English Composition 

Elective Equivalent - If a transfer course does not have a direct equivalent, but UL Lafayette offers an equivalent discipline. The course equivalant assigned is the course subject within the discipline and a number identifying the level of the course followed by xx.

        ENGL 2035 American Major Writers = ENGL 2XX Major American Writers

General Elective - If a transfer course does not have a direct equivalent and UL Lafayette does not offer an equivalent discipline. The course equivalent assigned is the course subject ELEC and a number identifying the level of the course followed by xx.

       CMGT 121 Construction Material and Methods = ELEC 1xx Construction Material and Methods

Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts Articulation Agreement

Beginning Fall 2009, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has created an articulation agreement with the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts to award students college credit in select courses. Any student at LSMSA can take the approved courses and earn UL Lafayette credit. The requirements for the select courses are outlined in the agreement, which can be found here.

Equivalency Charts for Louisiana Schools

For a comparison of courses between Louisiana colleges and universities, please refer to the Master Course Articulation Matrix on the Board of Regents website.

UL Lafayette Equivalencies for Louisiana 2 year schools