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Steps To Becoming An Advisor

Advisor Access

New advisors must attend the following three trainings in order to have advisor privileges: 

1.  Best Practices for Effective Advising

2.  Students Profile (for training dates and to register, please visit the Registrar's website)

3.  Degree Works (for training dates and to register, please visit the Registrar's website)

Once you  have completed the Best Practices for Effective Adivising training please complete a “Request for Student Profile” form and return the it to the Academic Success Center (ASC).

Advising information is available on the University’s integrated student information system, ULink. You can email your students to announce the beginning of the advising period, send out advising reminders, and clarify expectations for new and continuing students.

By the beginning of October, all new students are assigned a departmental academic advisor and freshmen and sophomores have access to their Grade Checks. This is a good time to contact your advisees about grade checks, tutoring resources, drop deadlines, the two-week advising period, and scheduling an advising appointment.

Advising Session

During an advising session, you should have access to the Student Profile (on ULink under the Faculty tab), Catalog,  blue advising form, and any departmental information about your student’s major.

Advisors must remove a student’s advising hold for the student to be able to register classes. It is recommended that you remove the hold during the advising session. You may do this by clicking “Lift Advising Hold” on their Student  Profile page.

Advisor Training Workshops are offered prior to semester advising sessions in the fall and spring. Check for current listings of workshops at  Advisor Trainings