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Career Development for Students

Assessment Exams

The process of selecting a major or career often begins with self-assessment.

Career Advising

This type of advising assists students in the areas of career opportunities, internships, student jobs, and professional/graduate schools.

Career Plans

Making a career plan

  • First Year – Explore and select a major
  • Second Year – Research and experimentation
  • Third Year – Sharpen and build credentials
  • Fourth Year and Beyond – Land job or pursue graduate/professional school

Career Services

This is the main contact for students needing help with coops, resume building, and interview preparation. Visit Career Services.

Choose or Change Major

Visit the “What Can I Do with This Major” resource guide.. This is an interesting site that helps students connect majors to careers and work environments.

Major & Career Exploration Center

Career testing and a Career Counselor are available to explore and discuss major and career options. Visit the Major & Career Exploration Center.