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2. Course Scheduling Advising

Academic Advising Form

Advising forms are available in your department. The form is to be completed and signed by you and the student. The blue sheet is given to the student and the yellow form is kept in the student’s folder. Remember, you release the student’s advising hold.

Online advising is either faculty initiated or student initiated and both forms for online advising can be found in the Advising Toolbox.

Articulation Agreements

The Louisiana Board of Regents provides a general education articulation matrix for all public higher education institutions in the State. View the articulation matrix.

Critical Courses

Listed by colleges and majors, critical course guides highlight the courses needed for a student to successfully graduate on time.

GradesFirst (Grade Checks)

For freshmen and sophomores, faculty are able to report progress grades, absences, and any feedback deemed helpful for the student. A faculty can flag a student at-risk of not passing their class and an email will automatically be sent to the student directing them to the ASC and campus resources. Advisors may access grade checks and feedback provided through GradesFirst on ULink. See information and instruction on how to access an advisees grade checks.

Orientation Students

All first-time freshmen (FTF) and transfer (TR) students are required to attend an orientation program designed to provide new students with insight into many aspects of the University environment – academic, administrative, social, and cultural. The orientation sessions are held prior to the beginning of classes in the fall and spring as well as throughout the summer. FTF will be advised and registered for classes during orientation. TR students should be advised and registered for classes before attending orientation.

Placement Tables

Students are placed in Mathematics and English courses based on their ACT, SAT, or TOEFL scores. A Math Freshman Placement Exam is available for students with a 20 or below on the Math ACT who wish to qualify for MATH 102, 103/104, 105, or 107/117. Students may also earn credit from High School Advanced Placement (AP), UL Lafayette Advance Credit Exams (ACE), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), or dual enrollment credit. You may see these results by logging on ULink, clicking on “Student Advising Profile”, and then clicking on ”Transfer Credit”.