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Undergraduate Advisor Awards

The University recognizes 45 faculty undergraduate advisors with three or more years of experience and 10 faculty advisors with less than three years of experience in each academic year for an Outstanding Advisor Award.

Listed below are the Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award guidelines:

Outstanding Undergraduate Faculty Advisor Awards Guidelines


  • Veteran faculty advisors, with three or more years undergraduate advising experience at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, will be awarded for exemplary advising.
  • New faculty advisors, with a minimum of one but less than three years as an official academic advisor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, will be awarded for exemplary advising.


  • Candidates must have attended at least three (3) advising trainings or conferences during the academic year (January - December).  On-line workshops are removed during finals week of the fall semester for calculations and tabulations of survey results. 
  • Candidates must have removed at least 20 undergraduate advising holds in either the spring, summer, or fall.

Evaluation criteria

  • Assessment by advisees in fall with an online advising survey. 
  • Rankings from department heads and deans or designated substitute.
  • Written response to an advising question composed by the Selection Committee each calendar year. Advisors are encouraged to limit their documentation to one page.
  • Applicants who participated in orientation advising during the summer or who have not previously won the advising award will receive special consideration. 

Selection Committee

The Outstanding Faculty Advisor Awards Selection Committee consist of:

  • Three (3) academic, associate or assistant deans and/or professional advisors,
  • Three (3) students,
  • Three (3) faculty members, and
  • Director of Academic Success Center serves as chair of the committee as a non-voting member except in the case of ties.                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Eligible advisors will be invited to apply for awards once eligibility requirements have been verified.