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Tips for Remote Learning

We're here to help you succeed, so we've put together a list of tips for remotely learning. Download the PDF version of this list.

Staying Organized

  • Create an effective workspace free of distractions and not too comfortable.
  • Take notes, save files, and bookmark sites important to your coursework.
  • Write down any updated due dates and grading changes since going online.
  • Know how to get help remotely with The Learning Center and The Writing Center.
  • Set goals for the rest of the semester and break them up into actionable tasks.

Managing Your Time

  • Create a daily routine to give your day structure and keep your day moving.
  • Plan out your classwork and daily activities using a weekly planner.
  • Set alarms and reminders to help you stay on track.
  • Make the time you don't feel you have.

Study Spots

  • Create a quiet space in a low-traffic area.
  • Close non-school related browser tabs.
  • Create a no phone/app zone.
  • Find a track for your background noise.

Downsides of Multitasking

  • Assignments take longer.
  • Mistakes are more likely.
  • Your brain will retain less information.

Online Class tips

  • Check your courses frequently
  • Stick to your original class schedule as much as you can
  • Find out how to participate in class.  Are there digital office hours?
  • Take notes just as you would normally.
  • Create a group chat with classmates for discussions and study groups.
  • Focus on one project task, or assignment at a time.

Online Resources

Most importantly, Take Care of Yourselves!

  • Stay active with UL's Virtual Rec Classes
  • Take breaks and go outside
  • Keep in touch with your family & friends
  • Limit your news intake
  • Reach out when you are in need

Campus Resources for self care