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Drop a Class Remotely

From June 1st - July 31st, students with less than 60 credit hours may submit your request to drop a course electronically.  Please follow the steps below,  after reading this page.

If you have 60 credits or more earned, please contact your respective Assistant Dean.  

B.I. Moody III College of Business
The Arts
Liberal Arts
Nursing & Allied Health
University College
Graduate School

The ASC can assist students in dropping courses and/or resigning from the University.  Please review, at minimum, the following two webpages to understand the policies, procedures and FAQ and potential consequences to dropping a class. 

Email from your university email account and please provide us with the following information.

C#:   C00------

First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name

Term:  Summer, 2020

Couse Information:  CRN   --  Subject  --  Course Number  --  Section Number

Once we receive this information, you will then be directed to an Academic Advisor for further assistance.

It is IMPERATIVE you speak with the Office of Financial Aid and/or LOFSA, if you have concerns about dropping a class for COVID-19 related reasons and how it will affect your financial aid and/or TOPS.    The ASC advisors do not provide financial advisement on the impact of dropping courses for COVID-19 reasons.


SUMMER:  Last Day to Drop with Grade of W or Last Day to Resign from the University 

JUN 8 – JUL 31    Drop Date:  July 16th


JUN 8 – JUL 2      Drop Date:  June 23



JUL 6– JUL 31     Drop Date:  July 21st