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ACSK 120 Topics in Academic Skills

ANTH 420 Indigenous Cultures

BIOL 110 Fund of Biology I
BIOL 111 Fund of Biology II
BIOL 216 Applied A & P for Kines
BIOL 217 Applied A & P Lab for Kines
BIOL 220 Survey Of Human Anat&Phys

BSAT 303 Information Systems
BSAT 382 Operations Management
BSAT 518 Mgmt of Information Technology

CHEM 107 General Chemistry I
CHEM 108 General Chemistry II
CHEM 123 Survey Gen Org Biol Chem
CHEM 270 Chemical Literature

CMCN 100 Human Communication
CMCN 170 Media and Society
CMCN 203 Honors Fundamentals
CMCN 350 Principles of Electronic Media
CMCN 384 Communication Theory
CMCN 421 Advanced P.R. Writing
CMCN 478 Special Topics
CMCN 490 Internship
CMCN 500 Graduate Research
CMCN 503 Organizational Communication
CMCN 538 Public Relations Management
CMCN 572 Communication Theory
CMCN 580 CMCN Rsch Design and Analysis
CMCN 582 International Communication

COUN 501 Meth Coun Res

CJUS 203 The Police Process
CJUS 301 Intro to Research Methods
CJUS 505 SE in Juv. Justice Programs

EDCI 310 Literature for Young Adults
EDCI 430 Classrm Mgmt for Elem Teachers
EDCI 503 Develop Creativity in Classrm
EDCI 506 Nature and Needs of Gift Child
EDCI 507 Writng for the Responsive Prof
EDCI 530 Advan Teaching Strategies
EDCI 576 Supt Cls Instruc
EDCI 599 Capstone C & I

DSGN 121 Survey of Design

DIET 200 Basic Human Nutrition
DIET 452 Micronutrients

ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics

EDLD 500 Vision, Ldrshp & Schl Culture
EDLD 501 Using Data to Effect Change
EDLD 502 Legal Reg and Ethical Issues
EDLD 508 Systems Alignment
EDLD 510 Organize the Learning Envirmnt
EDLD 811 Mgmt of Educational Org
EDLD 847 Phil of Ed Ldrshp Seminar
EDLD 848 Race, Class & Gender K-12 Educ

ENGL 102 Writing&Research about Culture
ENGL 201 British Literature I
ENGL 205 American Literature I
ENGL 206 American Literature II
ENGL 211 Holmes, Predecessors & Progeny
ENGL 211 Contemp. Immigrant Fiction
ENGL 211 Bodybuilding and Trauma
ENGL 211 Mem in Novels by Fem Writers
ENGL 211 Reel to Real
ENGL 211 The Literature of Disease
ENGL 211 The Art of Empathy
ENGL 211 Sherlock Holmes
ENGL 211 True Crime in America
ENGL 312 Shakespeare
ENGL 350 YA Literature & Media
ENGL 357 Adv. Writing in Business
ENGL 365 Technical Writing
ENGL 414 Milton
ENGL 462 Special Proj in Prof Writing
ENGL 473 Professional Editing
ENGL 510 Prob Drama: Shakespr & Contemp

ESOL 402 Adv Pron&Listng Com Esol Studt

ENVS 150 Plant Science

FNAN 300 Business Finance
FNAN 307 Credit&Financial Statemt Analy
FNAN 335 FNAN Institutions & Markets
FNAN 405 Investments

EDFL 201 Teaching, Learning, and Growth

GEOG 310 United States and Canada

HLTH 100 First Aid
HLTH 101 Cardio Resuscit&Bas Life Suppt
HLTH 110 Intro to HPW
HLTH 214 Prin & Fdtns of Health Promtn
HLTH 218 Drugs and Society
HLTH 312 Wellness
HLTH 314 HLTH Behav Theories and Models
HLTH 320 Environmental Health
HLTH 335 Clinical Exp HPW
HLTH 405 Nutrition for Fitness & Sports
HLTH 410 World Health Issues
HLTH 411 Women's Health
HLTH 412 Health and Sexuality
HLTH 440 Health Promotion&Program Plan
HLTH 451 Stress and Stress Mgmt
HLTH 452 Epidemiology
HLTH 459 Health And The Aging Process
HLTH 460 Organ. Funding Strategies
HLTH 499 Internship in HPW

HIM 322 Legal Aspt for the Hlth Cr Fld
HIM 361 Medical Terminology

HSA 200 Cont Issues in Health Care
HSA 201 Health Care Delivery Systems
HSA 303 Vulner Pop: Health Care Issues
HSA 304 Health Sci Research Methods
HSA 400 Financial Mgmt in Hlth CareOrg
HSA 406 Soc Prob & Issues in MH
HSA 408 Health Care Policy
HSA 409 Health Serv Admin Cap

HONR 385 State & Local Government
HONR 385 International Security & Confl
HONR 385 US Foreign Policy
HONR 385 Political Phil: Major Thinkers
HONR 385 Law & The Judicial Process
HONR 385 Volatile Poli Issues in Film
HONR 385 Globalization and the Environ
HONR 385 The Iliad, Odyssey & Aeneid
HONR 385 Medicine & Disease
HONR 385 Eye of the Beholder
HONR 385 American&French Graphic Novels
HONR 385 Intro to Criminal Justice
HONR 385 Mock Trial
HONR 385 Police Process
HONR 485 The Presidency
HONR 485 Bureau Pow Identity & Soc Rule
HONR 485 International Poli Economy
HONR 485 Political Phil: Major Thinker
HONR 485 Civil Liberties
HONR 485 Civil Rights Law
HONR 485 Comparative State Constitution
HONR 485 Folklore Fieldwork
HONR 485 Homicide
HONR 485 Comparative Crim Justice Sys.
HONR 485 Evidence & Procedure
HONR 485 Fench Love Stories

ITEC 268 General Safe&Accident Preventn

INFX 205 IT and Data Applications

IRED 315 Technology in Education
IRED 320 Technology in the Classroom
IRED 501 Integration of Tech in Instruc

KNES 101 Introduction to Kinesiology
KNES 205 Technology in Hlth and Knes
KNES 230 Prev&Treatmnt of Athl Injuries
KNES 360 Theory of Athletic Coaching
KNES 402 Organization and Administratn
KNES 506 Current Literature in KNES
KNES 530 Pgm Plan & Evaluation for KNES
KNES 540 Psychosocial Aspects of KNES

LCHI 303 Hlth Care Information Systems
LCHI 465 Hlth Wrkflow Proc Anlys&Redsgn

MGMT 320 Mgmt of Behavior&Organizations
MGMT 333 Introduction to eBusiness
MGMT 340 Entrepreneurial Management
MGMT 365 Human Resources Management

MKTG 345 Principles of Marketing
MKTG 470 International Marketing

MBA 500 Survey of Accounting
MBA 501 Survey of Economics & Finance
MBA 502 Survey of MGMT and MIS
MBA 503 Survey of Mktg & Legal Environ
MBA 504 Survey of Stat & Oper Mgmt

MATH 103 Applied College Algebra Fund
MATH 105 Applied College Algebra
MATH 109 Pre-Calculus Algebra
MATH 110 Pre-Calc Trig and Func Theory

MUS 105 Mus App: Survey of Styles
MUS 108 Mus App: Intro to Jazz
MUS 323 Class Piano for Non-Majors

NURS 314 Comp and Integ Modal In Nurs
NURS 332 Palliative & End-of-Life Care
NURS 341 Health Care Diverse Pop
NURS 500 Theoretcl Foundatn of Adv Nurs
NURS 502 Genertng Evidnce Nurs Practice
NURS 505 Applied Stats for Health Sci
NURS 507 Health Assmt/Diag Reas
NURS 509 Population-Based Primary Care
NURS 517 Pharmacotherap for Adv Pract
NURS 518 Pathophysiology-Adv Prac Nrsg
NURS 535 Curriculum & Program Developmt
NURS 539 Adv Nursing Edu Practicum
NURS 548 Nurs Leadship Managemnt HC Org
NURS 559 Nurs Leader&Admin Internship
NURS 581 Bus, Lead & Hlth Policy for NP
NURS 582 Adv Practice Nursing: Family I
NURS 583 Adv Practice Nursing:Family II
NURS 584 Adv Practice Nursing:FamilyIII
NURS 595 Focused Scholarly Project
NURS 801 Biostatistics
NURS 803 Project Planning
NURS 804 CLN Scholar & Anlyt Mthds EBP
NURS 809 Advanced Directed Studies I
NURS 821 Residency I
NURS 823 Residency III

PHYS 170 Astronomy Beyond Solar System
PHYS 201 General Physics I

POLS 110 American National Government
POLS 111 Honors American Natl Governmnt
POLS 390 Volitile Pol Issues in Film
POLS 390 Globalization and the Environ
POLS 483 Civil Liberties

PSYC 110 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 220 Educational Psychology
PSYC 311 Child Psychology
PSYC 312 Adolescent Psychology

QMET 352 Advanced Business Statistics

READ 409 The Reading Act

SOCI 100 General Sociology
SOCI 241 Social Problems
SOCI 305 Marriage and the Family
SOCI 310 Minority Groups
SOCI 375 Sociology of Sport

SPED 405 Foundtns for Early Interventn

STAT 214 Elementary Statistics

STEC 503 Research Methods
STEC 505 Lean Manufacturing
STEC 595 Special Topics

THEA 161 Introduction to Theatre
THEA 300 Activities in Dramatics

UNIV 200 Information Literacy

VIAR 120 Appreciation of the VIAR