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CRLA Tutor Certification & Training

The Learning Center and all tutors are internationally certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA)

CRLA Tutor Certification Requirements
(New Employees)

  1. Provide one (1) recommendation letter from a professor (about your subject knowledge, professionalism, etc).
  2. Complete a total of twelve (12) hours of training:
    • Eight (8) in-person trainings (includes the first TLC employee semester orientation worth 2 credit hours and 6 monthly TLC meetings/trainings, 1 credit hour each) for a total of eight (8) credit hours.
    • Two (2) mandatory online trainings/workshops AND must choose any two from the additional online trainings/workshops, for a total of 4 credit hours. The topics must be different from those scheduled to be presented at the monthly TLC meetings/trainings.
  3. At least twenty-five (25) tutoring hours.

Veteran TLC Tutors (Current Level-1 CRLA Certification) Requirements

  1. Attend three (3) training sessions each semester.
  2. Work twenty (20) hours of tutoring each year
  3. Complete two (2) mandatory online trainings (FERPA, Sexual Harassment Policy). 

Mandatory Tutor Trainings

All TLC tutors are required to complete the following trainings/workshops annually:

  • FERPA for Colleges and Universities
    • The training is accessed through The Learning Center Staff Moodle page.
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment
    • All employees must follow university policy regarding sexual harassment training. Training can be accessed through The Learning Center Staff Moodle page or UL Lafayette Human Resources.

Web-Based Tutor Trainings

Newly hired TLC tutors are to choose any two of the trainings/workshops listed on the TLC SharePoint site. The topics must be different from those scheduled to be presented at thepre-semester in-person training. If you cannot access the online trainings, please contact a member of TLC's professional staff..

Unless otherwise noted, all workshops are worth 1 credit hour.