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Individual Tutoring

Individual Tutoring (One-on-One) is FREE to all UL Lafayette students and is offered at The Learning Center located in Lee Hall Room 209.

Tutors are available for a wide variety of 100- and 200-level  courses, including ACCT, BIOL, BSAT, CHEE, CHEM, ECON, EECE, ENGR, ESOL, FREN, GERM, MATH, PHYS, PSYC, QMET, SPAN & STAT.


TLC Tutoring Policies

  • Be Prepared
    • Attend class
    • Attempt homework problems before attending TLC
    • Have specific questions to ask the tutor
    • Bring textbooks, class notes, calculators, etc.
    • In addition to tutoring, visit your professor during office hours
    • Turn off cell phone to utilize your time more effectively
  • Arriving Late
    • A student is considered late after ten (10) minutes of failing to show up or failing to call The Learning Center (337-482-6583)
    • If a student arrives late for a scheduled appointment, they will only be allowed to have what is left of the scheduled appointment
    • If a walk-in or other student needs tutoring and a scheduled appointment is more than 10 minutes late and failed to notify, the scheduled appointment is cancelled and the walk-in student will be assisted
  • Individual Appointments
    • One tutoring session can last either 30 or 60 minutes, depending on tutor availability.
    • Appointments are capped at 60 minutes for each student at one time. Once you have completed a session, then you can schedule another with the TLC Front Desk.
    • Students are able to “bring a friend” to their sessions, provided the guest is an actively registered UL student.
      • This can be arranged when two (2) students schedule  back to back 30-minute sessions (appointments are capped at 60 minutes).
      • The Late policy still applies for personalized group sessions
      • The two student limit exists due to limited space for individual sessions.
  • Study Groups & Supplemental Instruction
    • Study Groups & Supplemental Instruction are set on a weekly schedule.  They will occur at the same time/same location each week so the students can plan for them.
    • Study Groups & SI are walk-in only, no appointments needed.
    • TLC will not honor individual appointments during scheduled Study Group and Supplemental Instruction sessions.  This is to ensure that we can maximize our available resources to assist as many students as possible. It is expected that the students will attend the Study Groups & SI that are available to them.
  • No-Shows
    • If a student does not cancel their appointment ahead of time and does not attend the scheduled appointment they are considered a No Show
    • Two (2) No Shows will result in a reminder of TLC policies from the TLC Coordinator.  A third missed appointment will result in revocation of appointment privileges for the remainder of the semester